Sign up for a class at the Adult Learning Center 's English Language Institute. You can learn to communicate in English by developing your listening, speaking, reading, writing and computer skills.
  • Beginning, intermediate and advanced ESL classes are available during the morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Classes are divided into nine-week sessions.
  • Daily attendance is required.
  • All classes are taught by certified ESL instructors.

How To Take ESL Classes:

  1. Come to the office of the Adult Learning Center (310 N. Providence), Room 113 at the north entrance of the Douglass High School Building (corner of North Providence Road and Park Avenue).
  2. Please bring documentation such as passport, visa or resident alien card to the office (Room 113). If you have a social security card or a driver's license, bring those also.
  3. Sign up for an orientation appointment.
  4. You will be assigned to a nine-week ESL class.
  5. Daily attendance is required at each of our sites. Attendance policies allow for three unexcused absences per session. If you are unable to make this time commitment at the time you register, please sign up for the next session that will allow you to meet the time requirements.
  6. Classes meet Monday through Thursday. The English Language Lab Hours are Monday through Thursday. Classes meet for 5 -10 hours a week depending on ESL class level.

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