The English Language Institute hosts students of all lands, faiths and backgrounds.  Many of our students are refugees of political or  economic oppression, war or armed conflict. They come from regions such as Bosnia, Myanmar, Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Liberia, Vietnam, Cuba, the former Soviet states and many others.  At the Institute, refugees are given English language instruction and are oriented toward finding a job so that they may provide for themselves and their families and become productive members of the local community.  Instructors and staff also lend personal support in times of need.

The school also hosts those who are American citizens or permanent residents.  Often people who have lived in the United States for a while would like to improve their English or obtain a general equivalency diploma (GED) to get a better job or go to college. The Career Center's Adult Learning Center is the best place to make that happen.

Additionally, the school hosts those who hold various classifications of visas.  These students are usually working, attending an institution of higher learning or visiting. 

Classes are free to most students, except those holding an F-1 visa.  Those who have been issued an F-1 visa must pay full tuition in accordance with law.

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