The teachers and staff at the English Language Institute are friendly folks who are willing to assist you with your educational needs.  All of our teachers are certified ESL instructors, and many of them are proficient in several languages.

Meet Our Teachers...

  • Mr. Timm Siebeneck, ESL Supervisor and Teacher
  • Ms. Jean Hall, GED Supervisor
  • Mr. Daniel Murphy, ESL Teacher and Refugee Case Manager
  • Ms. Jeanne Van Lengen-Taylor, ESL Teacher
  • Ms. Donna Hoffman, ESL Teacher
  • Ms. Rebbeca Weppold, ESL Teacher
  • Ms. Jane Telander, ESL Teacher


    Meet Our Office Staff...
  • Ms. Christi Phillips, AEL Coordinator
  • Ms. Pamela Thuli, Administrative Assistant
  • Ms. Brenda Pipes, Data Specialist


We like to dote on our office staff, because they help keep the frame work together.
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